Warranty Policy

The Seller warrants goods for the duration of the agreed Warranty period, providing that the goods are installed, used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturerís instructions as specified in the User Manual supplied with the goods or published on the Sellerís website.

In situations where components /parts incorporated in the goods supplied by the Seller have failed during the warranty period, the Seller will provide replacement parts free of cost.If necessary, the Seller maydepute their authorised technician to make good any defects or to replace faulty partsin the goods during theagreed warranty period. The Seller has the discretion to replace the goods like for like or with an upgraded model of equipment in situations where the Seller deems it impractical to undertake warranty repairs on the faulty goods. In such situations, faulty goods must be returned to the Seller before replacement goods can be sent out to the buyer. In cases where replacement goods are supplied, the warranty period for such replacement goods will expire when the warranty on the originally purchased goods was due to expire.

Warranty repairs are carried out during normal business hours Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm excluding Weekends and Public Holidays. Labour Charges for any urgent warranty request which are required to be done outside of these hours must be paid in full by the Buyer. Call out charges and travel time if applicable will be payable in full by the buyer at all times. A response time of up to 72 hrs may be required depending on the location of the goods, availability of parts and the time of the day when a Warranty request is received.Seller requires some specific information about the goods and the background information about the fault being reported when the buyer requests a Warranty matter. In situations where incomplete of incorrect information is provided by the buyer or their representative, response time can be longer than 72 hrs.

In situations where the faulty goods are located in an area where an Authorised Service Technician is not available or in situations where the location of faulty goods is unreachable within reasonable time or cost, the Seller reserves the right to request the Buyer to return the faulty goods to the Sellerís office or to the Sellerís authorised service technician in a Metro City location within Australia.

Warranty excludes fragile items such as on / off switches, glass and light bulbs as well as wear and tear type items such as air and water filters, seals and hoses. Warranty also excludes sensitive electronic items such as Printed Circuit Boards, and Displays.

What happens when Warranty is deemed as Null & Void

In situations where the Buyer has requested a Warranty Repair and the Sellerís technician observes and reports that the Goods were not installed maintained or operated as per the manufacturerís instructions specified in the user manual or on the Sellers website, thereby causing the warranty to be null and void, the complete repair job including parts labour charges and travel time will be payable by the Buyer even if the goods still fall within the agreed warranty period. Such situations will be treated by the Seller as Non Warranty Repairs. Failure to pay for such repairs may result in recovery action, immediate suspension of all remaining warranty on such goods. The Seller will have no obligation to honour anyfuture warranty claims for the goods whose warranty has been deemed as Null & Void.

In all other situations, where the Seller has reasonable grounds to believe that any or all of the exclusion causes A to J mentioned above are applicable, the Warranty will be deemed as Null & Void and the Seller reserves the right to refuse a response to all Warranty request for the goods whose warranty has been deemed as Null & Void.

Governing Law

All matters related to Warranty transactions between the Buyer and the Seller shall be subject to laws of New South Wales Jurisdiction in Australia.

Warranty Is Deemed As Null & Void And Is Not Applicable In Any Or All Of The Following Situations:

A Failure attributed to any or all of the following reasons including misuse, abuse, incorrect handling, incorrect installation, incorrect operational usage, lack of routine maintenance, lack of cleaning or lack of proper ventilation and clearance.

B Failure caused to any goods which do not have the Sellerís recommended water filtration kit installed between the water source and the goods including cases where filter cartridge has not been replaced regularly at a six monthly interval. Seller reserves the right to ask the buyer to produce a proof of purchase (Invoice)for the Filtration Kit as well as the subsequent replacement filter cartridge.

C Failure caused as a direct or indirect consequence of not cleaning the Condenser and ( where applicable) the Air Filter.The buyer must ensure that the fins of the Condenser and (where applicable) the mesh of the Air Filter are cleaned and unblocked on a monthly basis. This is a part of routine maintenance and therefore it is the responsibility of the buyer to familiarise themselves with the location and cleaning procedure for the Condenser and (where applicable) for the Air filter.

C Failure caused as a direct or indirect consequence of anelectrical power surge, faulty or incorrect power supply,damaged power cable, unpotable water supply, incorrect inlet water pressure and incorrect drain connection.

D Failure caused as a direct or indirect result of unauthorized modification to the goods including but not limited to the use of unauthorized spare parts and accessories which have not been purchased from the Seller or havenít been installed as per User manual or the instructions and advice provided by the Seller.

E Failure caused after the title of the goods have been transferred to a third part who is not the original Buyer recorded on the Sellerís invoice.

F Failure caused at a location other than where the goods were first installed. This includes situations where Buyer has multiple business sites and goods have been shifted to one of such sites which is not the original site where the goods were first installed upon purchase.

G Failure caused due to external spraying or splashing of any liquid on external surfaces including but not limited to water oil and cleaning chemicals. This includes situations where goods have been hosed down either by accident or during the routine cleaning operation or for any other reason such as spillage in the vicinity of the goods. Goods are ratedIP 41 and therefore they are only protected against vertically falling drops of water or condensation.

H Failure caused to goods which remain partially or fully unpaid at the time of Warranty Request.

I Failure caused to goods as a result of an Act of God such as a severe catastrophic event.

J Failure caused to goods for which the ownership of title cannot be proven by the buyer. Seller reserves the right to ask the buyer to produce an official invoice for the goods for which they are claiming warranty. Sellerís Invoice must includesellers name, sellers contact details, buyerís name and Date of Invoice which will be used as a critical reference point to determine eligibility for the warranty claim. Sellerís Invoice must also clearly mention the Model Number and Serial Number of the goods for which the Warranty is being claimed. In cases where the Seller doubts the authenticity of the Invoice produced by the buyer, the Seller mayask the buyer to submit more evidence and may choose to verifythe transaction using their internal documents such as Warehouse despatch records, Delivery Dockets and Payment records.

Seller will not be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss of profit or for any other economic loss including but not limited to produce loss as a result of failure of the goods. Sellerís warranty is only limited to making good of the defects or malfunctions.


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