Installation Instructions

When you receive your Ice Maker, visually inspect the external packaging for signs of damage. Report any obvious signs of damage by calling us on 1300 003 133 and record your observations on the consignment notebefore accepting delivery. Take photos if necessary.

Cut the plastic strapping and lift the cardboard carton. Remove the protective edges and all other packaging material. Lift the Ice Maker to remove the wooden skid from underneath.

Open the Ice Bin Door and remove all standard accessories from the Ice Bin. You will find the following standard accessories in your Ice Bin:

  • 4 x Feet
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Ice Scoop
  • 1 x Water Hose
  • 1 x Drain Hose
  • 1 x Double Check Valve with Installation Diagram. (Valve to be installed by a qualified Plumber)

Screw in the feet on the underside of the Ice Maker and level it by extending or retracting the feet.

Connect the Water hose to the Water Inlet port located on the back panel of your Ice Maker. Recommended water pressure is between 1 Bar and 5 Bar. Water hose has female threads. Please make sure that the threads are properly lined up with the male threads of the inlet port. Do not apply excessive pressure. Hand tightening is adequate and tools are not recommended. The other end of the Water hose should be connected to the outlet port of your Water Filtration Unit. We strongly recommend that you install Ice Master Filtration Kit MXF between your Ice Maker and the Water Tap.
Failure to install a suitable Inline Filtration kit will result in breach of Warranty Policy.

Push on the Drain hose over the Drain Port located on the back panel of your Ice Maker. This hose does not have threaded connectors and it simply pushes on snug fit. The other end of your drain hose must be at a lower level than that of the end connected to the Ice Maker in order to provide a sufficient drop for effectively drainage. A minimum of 15% gradient is required. Please make sure that you have an open trapped & vented drain in close vicinity of your Ice Maker. If a suitable drain is not available, we recommend the use of our Drain Pump MX-DP.

Connect the Power Cable of your Ice Maker to a single phase, 230 volt, 10 amp wall mounted power outlet. We recommend a separate circuit with earthing and a 10amp fuse. Do not connect to an extension cord or an extension board. Do not connect if you observe any damage to power cable. Maximum permissible voltage fluctuation is plus or minus 5%

Your Ice Maker is designed for Indoor use only and it should not be installed in direct sunlight and wet areas. For optimal results, the ambient room temperature and water temperature needs to be within a range of 10 Degrees c to 35 Degrees c. Clean and sanitise the internal surface of the Ice Bin before first use and subsequently at regular intervals in the interest of health and hygiene.

Your Ice Maker requires a minimum clearance of 150mm in all directions for ventilation and service access. Do not install near heat emitting appliances such as a Fryer, Oven, Cook top or Dishwasher.


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