Filtration Kit MXF

Ice Master Inline Filtration Kit MXF consists of 1 x Water Hose, 1 x Filter Head and 1 x Filter Cartridge. Use of a suitable Filtration kit protects vital parts of your Ice Maker against scale build up and enhances the taste & appearance of your Ice. Installing a suitable filtration kit between the water source and the inlet port of the Ice Maker is a mandatory requirement. Failure to do so will result in breach of Ice Master warranty policy.

Inline Filter Head MX-1H

Filter Head MX-1H is an integral part of the Filtration Kit MXF. However, it can be ordered on its own if required. It has external threads on inlet and outlet ports and has a bracket for wall mounting. The quick connection feature offers ease of cartridge replacement by a simple quarter turn action.

Inline Filter Cartridge MX -1F

Filter Cartridge MX -1F is a bayonet style cartridge designed to be used in conjunction with Filter Head MX-1H. The 1 micron cartridge contains carbon block, granular activated carbon which reduces cysts odour and chlorine. Ice Master recommends replacing the filter cartridge every six months to assure best results.

Ice Scoop

Ice Scoop MX SC is a handy tool for hygienic and efficient handling of Ice. We supply one scoop with each Ice maker. However, it can also be purchased as an accessory

Drain Pump

Drain Pump MX-DP is a clever little device that can be used in situation where a suitable drain point is not available in a close vicinity of your Ice Maker. Our Drain pump has an inbuilt tank capacity of 2 Litres and it can pump to a vertical height of 2 meters or to a flat linear distance of up to 5 meters. It plugs into a 230 V single phase, 10amp power point and has a float mechanism that controls the off and on cycles of the pump.


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